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Virginia E. Johnson, 1925-2013, sexóloga

Originalmente publicado en Sexología en redes sociales:
Versión imprimible [This article is also available in English in Sexology 101, Virginia E. Johnson, 1925–2013. A sexological perspective] La muerte de Virginia Johnson el 24 de julio de 2013 en St. Louis, Missouri, en la residencia de ancianos The Altenheim (1), puede ser ocasión de repasar…

Firestorm 4.6.7: rolling forward

Originalmente publicado en Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World:
On Sunday August 17th, the Firestorm team announced the release Firestorm As with the 4.6.5 release in May, this is far more of a stability and bug addressing update more than it is a release of major new features, although it does contain a…

Second Sol Quals Close

Originalmente publicado en Metaverse Sailing:
The Second Sol Qualifying Races finished on Saturday, June 22. Twenty teams signed up to compete in the regatta, and each contributed $L5,000 to Sail4Life and the American Cancer Society as an Entry Donation. In return, each team received a free copy of the Patchogue II raceboat, generously provided by…

Second Sol 2013 begins June 14

Originalmente publicado en Metaverse Sailing:
The Second Sol Regatta begins Friday June 14. Twenty teams of sailors will compete in two rounds of qualifying races, broken into five different time slots to accommodate the large size of the entry fleet. Round One is June 14 – 15, and Round Two is June 21 – 22.…

Three Second Sol “Rules” for Virtual Sailing.

Originalmente publicado en Metaverse Sailing:
The Second Sol Regatta begins June 14. Twenty teams are ready to compete in a total of 84 fleet races. Before the start gun goes off however, I wanted to bring up three specific racing issues for the Patchogue II fleet. Skipper/Crew Side-Switching Downwind This issue primarily affects boats with…

Second Sol 2013: Patchogue II Practice Boat Vendors

Originalmente publicado en Metaverse Sailing:
The S4L Second Sol Regatta is just two weeks away! As most sailors already know, Second Sol 2013 is a Sail4Life fundraiser regatta that will hit the water June 14-23.  Over two weekends, teams of 1-4 sailors will race in new Trudeau Patchogue II sailboats, graciously donated by Jacqueline Trudeau. So far there are sixteen…

Details for Second Sol Teams

Originalmente publicado en Metaverse Sailing:
2013 Second Sol Regatta A Sail4Life Race Event June 14-23, 2013 THE RACES There will be two rounds of Qualifying Races. Round One will be held on June 15, and Round Two will be held on June 22. The full competition fleet will be divided into timeslot groups for the…

Five Weeks to Second Sol Regatta!

Originalmente publicado en Metaverse Sailing:
Woots! The Second Sol Regatta is still five weeks away, but plans are heating up, and all the details are falling into place. Second Sol is a Sail4Life fundraising regatta that will cover two weekends, from June 15-June 23; you can read all about it here. I wanted to take a moment today…

Sail4Life plans 2013 Second Sol Regatta

Originalmente publicado en Metaverse Sailing:
Friend? Can we talk? Is your romance with virtual sailing losing it’s lustre? Are the usual griddy races depressing you, leaving your bowsprint retracted And your mainsail flapping aimlessly? Well sailor, never fear. Sail4Life is here to help. We have a therapeutic intervention planned to get you off that barstool, out…

Danshire Yacht Club Gets a Makeover

Originalmente publicado en Metaverse Sailing:
I wanted to take a moment to give a huge shout-out to Elbag Gable and RJ Kikuchiyo for their wonderful help expanding and remodeling Danshire Yacht Club in Knaptrackicon. Knaptrackicon Knaptrakicon sits in the middle of Nautilus between Bingo Strait and Dire Strait, and it includes the major channel that connects…

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