Sail4Life plans 2013 Second Sol Regatta

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Metaverse Sailing

Second Sol 2013

Friend? Can we talk?

Is your romance with virtual sailing losing it’s lustre?
Are the usual griddy races depressing you,
leaving your bowsprint retracted
And your mainsail flapping aimlessly?

Well sailor, never fear.
Sail4Life is here to help.
We have a therapeutic intervention planned
to get you off that barstool, out of the doldrums,
and back on the raceline where you belong.

We’ve got a regatta that’s
certified to stiffen your spar

and sharpen your sailing skills…

All you need is an overwhelming desire
To sail, to laugh, to win,
And never to give quarter.

Friend? You need SECOND SOL.


The 2013 Second Sol Regatta

I’m excited to announce Second Sol 2013a  Sail4Life competition for  the upcoming Trudeau Patchogue II Second Sol is open to a maximum of sixteen racing teams of 1-4 sailors each, and the event will…

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