Second Sol 2013: Patchogue II Practice Boat Vendors

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The S4L Second Sol Regatta is just two weeks away!

As most sailors already know, Second Sol 2013 is a Sail4Life fundraiser regatta that will hit the water June 14-23.  Over two weekends, teams of 1-4 sailors will race in new Trudeau Patchogue II sailboats, graciously donated by Jacqueline Trudeau.

So far there are sixteen teams signed up to compete (that’s a lot!), but at sailors’ request I’ve added a new timeslot to accommodate the tardy teams that forgot to register. 🙂 There are still a few race slots available!

If you want join this fun event, here’s the signup page:


When you register:

— you’ll get a free Patchogue II sailboat,
— you’ll be part of one of the largest, most fun sail events of 2013,
— everyone on your team will get a goody bag full of wondrous stuff (I picked it out myself…

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