TYC Custom Club Watch by Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): – Tradewinds Yacht Club


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[2012/07/07 17:16] Tasha Kostolany: hey dutch I’m in Dex and checking out your watch — that is a really nice watch, I like it
[2012/07/07 17:17] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): really works with race lines too 😉
[2012/07/07 17:17] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): and you can make it smaller to fit a woman’s wrist

[2012/07/07 17:17] Tasha Kostolany: what do you mean with race lines?

[2012/07/07 17:18] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): when a race line announces a race, this watch will start counting down to that race

[2012/07/07 17:18] Tasha Kostolany: ha ha really?

[2012/07/07 17:18] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): yes no shit 😉

[2012/07/07 17:18] Tasha Kostolany: ha ha

[2012/07/07 17:18] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): thats what the red dials r for
[2012/07/07 17:19] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): hehe i know, super wicked 😉 not called yacht master for nothing

[2012/07/07 17:19] Tasha Kostolany: ha ha — the whole idea that it really works is just amazing
[2012/07/07 17:19] Tasha Kostolany: I love it

* * * [Next Day]
[2012/07/08 18:06] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): ok watch is ready to be displayed and sold!
[2012/07/08 18:17] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): u like how it looks?
[2012/07/08 18:18] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): it says tradewinds yacht club in the inner rim too
[2012/07/08 18:22] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): u can set the hours by typing “/1 hours” with hours being a number between 0 and 12

[2012/07/08 18:24] Tasha Kostolany: oh wow you put both flags
[2012/07/08 18:24] Tasha Kostolany: well that looks nice I think
[2012/07/08 18:24] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): not bad right
[2012/07/08 18:24] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): says tradewinds in the inner rim too
[2012/07/08 18:25] Tasha Kostolany: oh wow !!!!!!!!!! cool , looking
[2012/07/08 18:25] Tasha Kostolany: oh wow I see it

Thank you Dutch I bought mine


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