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SL AC| World Series |Fishers Island

With a proud thank you to Fanci Beebe And Patrick Leavitt . And the Members of The Fishers Island Yacht Club Of Secondlife Our Host this weekend for the Inaugural,
SL AC World Series Event . The SL AC 500 . Threw the planning and vision of Kentrock Mensner and his race staff we had a great event this past Saturday .
Kicking it off with a Sixtys to current day Music , The Club house was alive with sailings future and Sailing past .

The event was the idea of Don Berithos and Roan Blackburn Berithos And uses the Spotlight of the New Americas Cup to spotlight Sailing Charitys That promote Sailng for the disabled and less fortunate to Olympic hopefuls to Breast cancer awareness.

The first part like its real life counterpart will be a series of Speed trails to test Sailors knowledge of trimming and navigation.
The best times move on to a finals of all class vessels that have been raced in the Series .

This weekend showed the performance of many in the IACC class Built by Quest Marine . Most improved Sailor Award goes out To Colin Nemeth who showed up prepared and ready to take on the challenge . Colin improved on every run and would have continued if had more.

Surprise of the day was Taku who after two runs shattered the course record . In 9|57|82 He took his scores and they stood .
Fearless having a good day but having wind problems all day Had some good runs .

Viciously Llewellyn ID55: 00:09:58.33 Time last run of hers for the day cam just short of Taku Destiny , She tryed her best at it .
Old pro Armano Xaris IDAX100:  00:10:06.60 was best he could pull off commenting was leaving a lot on the water.

EmmanuelMara Resident IDEM22: 00:11:15.88 best time was plagued by a slow internet connection and late arrival he did his runs right up to the ending gun .
A great effort improving every run.

Rimmer Telling ID4321: 00:11:35.43 tryed his luck at the course but had navigation problems seems was going to Atlantic blue instead of Swab he had us all fooled lol Tile he told us I think im doing wrong course, Fast times for the course he was doing though . Time wasnt on his side he had o retire to rl . Next time rimmer

Garrick Diesel Came out retirement and tried his luck with his newly bought Boat had some practise and withdrew no exactly a boat you just jump in and get fast.
Kentrock was in the loop as well but he also new to the IACC with drew and will live to fight another day. Me and Kent were on course some 12 hours yesterday My hats offs to him as well as all the help from Vicky Maidstone rding And back from airways Amy wingtips pit bull Race committee and marks And of course my loving and eye full rd Roan Black Burn , I manged to get some flights in and pulled the last one out my XXX by trying a new way around the Hazards of Sand bars that grabbed us all .

The Official Americas Cup In Secondlife is on display at Fishers Island Clubhouse for the Next week Clubs participating In the worlds Series Are Privileged to Have the Cup for their Venue of events.

Finals weekend will be announced soon . A fleet race for winner takes all of the SL AC 500

SL AC IACC Time Trials
January 28, 2012
Arabian Line

Morning Session

Armano Xaris IDAX100: 00:10:06.60
Armano Xaris IDAX99: 00:10:10.24

Colin Nemeth ID054: 00:13:56.67
Colin Nemeth ID053: 00:14:44.32
Colin Nemeth ID055: 00:16:28.58
Colin Nemeth ID051: 00:16:51.20
Colin Nemeth ID050: 00:17:35.47

Fearless Freenote ID02FF 00:11:59.48
Fearless Freenote ID06FF: 00:12:57.02
Fearless Freenote ID09FF: 00:13:23.74

Rimmer Telling ID4321: 00:11:35.43
Rimmer Telling ID6655: 00:12:46.32
Rimmer Telling ID4321: 00:14:39.22 missed a mark

Viciously Llewellyn ID55: 00:10:16.71
Viciously Llewellyn ID55: 00:10:39.23
Viciously Llewellyn ID55: 00:11:38.05

Afternoon Session

Armano Xaris IDAX105: 00:10:06.78
Armano Xaris IDAX103: 00:10:07.32

don Berithos ID019: 00:10:49.85
don Berithos IDUS : 00:11:13.61
don Berithos ID019: 00:11:18.83
don Berithos ID017: 00:11:25.34

EmmanuelMara Resident IDEM22: 00:11:15.88
EmmanuelMara Resident IDEM20: 00:11:55.53
EmmanuelMara Resident IDEM17: 00:12:05.76
EmmanuelMara Resident IDEM19: 00:13:08.50

Garrick Diesel ID37GD: 00:16:43.07

takabou Destiny IDTD22: 00:09:57.82
takabou Destiny ID0021: 00:10:39.63
takabou Destiny ID0021: 00:10:39.63

Viciously Llewellyn ID55: 00:09:58.33
Viciously Llewellyn ID55 00:11:03:00
Viciously Llewellyn ID55: 00:12:01.46


takabou Destiny   IDTD22:  00:09:57.82
Viciously Llewellyn   ID55:  00:09:58.33
Armano Xaris   IDAX100:  00:10:06.60
Armano Xaris   IDAX105:  00:10:06.78
Armano Xaris   IDAX103:  00:10:07.32
Armano Xaris   IDAX99:  00:10:10.24
Viciously Llewellyn   ID55:  00:10:16.71
Viciously Llewellyn   ID55:  00:10:39.23
takabou Destiny   ID0021:  00:10:39.63
takabou Destiny   ID0021:  00:10:39.63
don Berithos   ID019:  00:10:49.85
Viciously Llewellyn   ID55   00:11:03:00
don Berithos   IDUS :  00:11:13.61
EmmanuelMara Resident   IDEM22:  00:11:15.88
don Berithos   ID019:  00:11:18.83
don Berithos   ID017:  00:11:25.34
Viciously Llewellyn   ID55:  00:11:38.05
Rimmer Telling   ID4321:  00:11:35.43
EmmanuelMara Resident   IDEM20:  00:11:55.53
Fearless Freenote   ID02FF  00:11:59.48
Viciously Llewellyn   ID55:  00:12:01.46
EmmanuelMara Resident   IDEM17:  00:12:05.76
Rimmer Telling   ID6655:  00:12:46.32
Fearless Freenote   ID06FF:  00:12:57.02
Fearless Freenote   ID09FF:  00:13:23.74
Colin Nemeth   ID054:  00:13:56.67
Rimmer Telling   ID4321:  00:14:39.22 missed a mark
Colin Nemeth   ID053:  00:14:44.32
Colin Nemeth   ID055:  00:16:28.58
Garrick Diesel ID37GD: 00:16:43.07
Colin Nemeth   ID051:  00:16:51.20
Colin Nemeth   ID050:  00:17:35.47



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