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Elven Migration: Part One, “InWorldz”

by Netera Landar
Published January 26, 2012 | View Comments

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The migration of the Elven community from Second Life to InWorldz made a major statement. A significant population can kiss a virtual world goodbye and set down roots in another. This is the case of the Elf Clan. It began with the axing of a reduced rate for educational sims.

Granted a meeting with the Elven Elder, Wayfinder Wishbringer, we settle in the market area near ElvenSong Castle, one of the earliest builds transported from Second Life. Beside me in full Elven splender is Wayfinder. Over to the west is the Crystal Palace, some 2,000 prims and one-quarter of the sim. It will be the future location of the Elf Clan Museum, but for now it’s where Grand Balls are held.

“Elf Clan set up its first sim here on May 1, 2010,” explains Wayfinder as he stands tall and proud in his Elven garb. “The primary reason we came to InWorldz was because of the infamous OpenSpace Sim fiasco. Linden Lab is actually to thank for that. When they pulled the OpenSpace sim pricing stunt and we lost several thousands of dollars in investments on their grid, we started looking for a more trustworthy and less expensive alternative. I knew the folks from InWorldz and found out they’d been doing their own internal development work.”

At the time, they were about the only grid that supported groups, Wayfinder said, adding that their focus and functions on groups attracted the Elf Clan to this location, as well as their low prices and powerful building tools.

“If the Elf Clan is anything, we are a very creative group,” he stated. “So for us, building tools are very important. InWorldz offered us 45,000 prims, at the time, $75 a month. That, along with their full megaprim allowance, was very attractive. Plus, I knew the owners from prior acquaintance and trusted them to keep their word. After our experience with Linden Lab, a company keeping its word was very important to us.”

Wayfinder noted that he didn’t mean to slam Linden Lab, it was just a bitter experience that had widespread and lasting consequences.

“Elf Clan was on SL for exactly seven years,” he stated. “And at that time I estimate as a group we spent some $50,000. Not only do we have nothing to show for it, in that entire time we didn’t even get so much as a ‘thank you for your business.’ That shows some serious deep core company attitude issues. We had eight sims at one time. Plus all the investment in populating those sims. Uploading textures, sounds and animations alone is a major investment.”

Wayfinder added that Elf Clan had 2,000 members on SL. Collectively, their investment was immense. Currently there are 1,800 Elf Clan members on SL, but the group itself is inactive there. The migration saw 413 members to the new territory, which Wayfinder says is a pretty good size for a fantasy theme group.

The Elf Clan has a major event coming up: The First Annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Fest will focus on the beauty and creativity of the fantasy realm. The festival is hosted by the Elf Clan and coordinated by Jeri Rahja. Artists were given to Jan. 15 to fill out their applications and register. Thirty-one completed applications will be allocated plots, plus there are four water plots. By Jan. 16, plots were assigned and tags given. The artists have to Feb. 3 to complete their building. Each plot is 25×25 with an allotment of 500 prims.

According to Rahja, the fantasy art fest creation begins on Monday, Jan. 16 and the ends Feb. 3. It is a juried art fest. All tips gathered will be awarded to the artists at the end of the event on or before Feb. 11.  The main fest begins Feb. 3 with music and dancing to celebrate the beautiful art creations. Each artist is a winner, as all artists will be awarded proceeds from the gathered monies. There are two first prizes: one for the experienced artists and one for the novice. Also, two second artists, the same as above.

The following is a list of those participating: Esabow Yakubu, Zauber Paracelsus, Scrap Godenot, Ferrator Montoya, Alizarin Goldflake, Juanita Deharo, Leanna Caerndow. Old Hess, Safar Fiertze, CataPlexia Numbers, Nickola Martynov, Micheil Merlin, Julia Harthor, Rig Torok, Ub Yifu, La Toymaker, Raven Callisto, Moontan Valeva, Wizzy Gynoid, Strand Starsider, Latara Vyper, Soror Nishi, Alix Walpole and Kaine Lowenstark.

The judges include: Quadrapop Tree, Jayjay  Zifanwe and Velazquez Bonetto. Sunbeam Magic is the Head of Music and the Venue. Chairperson  of the Fantasy Art Fest is Jeri Rahja; co-chairperson is Snoots Dwagon. IWZ Dreamz & Visionz PR/Media include  Nazz Lane / Briawinde Magic. Blue Starsider is responsible for the graphics.

It is now time for the tour.

End Part One



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