World Cup Basics

2012 Rules & Regulations for the SLSA SAILING WORLD CUP

(Revised 17/12/11)

1. Jurisdiction

The SLSA SAILING WORLD CUP shall be sailed under the jurisdiction of the SLSA WORLD CUP COMMITTEE.

 2. Rules

The races shall be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the SL Sailing Association, these Regulations, and any applicable Class rules.

Hosts of WORLD-CLASS Events may publish specific Sailing Instructions.

3. Venue

The SLSA SAILING WORLD CUP Events, known as “WORLD-CLASS” events shall be sailed on a rotating basis, at each of the member clubs:  <LIST>.

The final schedule shall be approved by the SLSA WORLD CUP Committee.

The SLSA SAILING WORLD CUP  rotates annually between all member clubs. Events are held depending on host club’s schedule.

4. Classes



The following six classes are recognized by the SLSA World Cup Committee for the 2012 season:

  • ACA,
  • FIZZ,
  • IACC,
  • NEMO,
  • Q-2M


5. Entries

A. Eligibility

All participants must be a member of an SLSA member club or be enrolled in the sailing program of a member club.

For the purposes of season scoring, each skipper must declare at registration of the first race sailed in any class of boat what club (or team) they represent. For each class of boat registration the skipper may only represent one yacht club (or team) and may not change their yacht club (or team) affiliation. This rule pertains to skippers who may be affiliated with more than one club.

B. Teams or Clubs

Each club (or team) may enter three (3) contestants in each class provided they meet the eligibility requirements above.

Deadline for teams to register the 2012 SLSA WORLD CUP is set january 8, 2012. Form to pre-register teams:


 C. WORLD-CLASS Events Eligibility Definitions

Open: Any skipper may compete, affiliated with a Club (or team) or not.

D. General

A list of participants should be posted as soon as possible at each event.

6. Entrance Fee


7. Race Management

A. General

It is the intention of the SLSA WORLD CUP COMMITTEE that the host clubs treat each WORLD-CLASS Event as a “major club regatta” and provide the appropriate Race Committee, patrol boats and shore support as required. It is expected that the member clubs will assist each other in fulfilling these requirements. The Race Committee shall not consist of any sailing instructors except in “emergency” situations. It is the intention of the SLSA WORLD CUP COMMITTEE to keep the participants as informed as possible regarding scoring at each event. SLSA WORLD CUP COMMITTEE will schedule a scorer with a computer/scoring program, post the list of participants as soon as possible, and post the finishes for races as soon as available. This will provide officials and participants more opportunity to recognize any scoring or registration errors and time to correct them prior to the end of the day.

B. Schedule

The 2012 SLSA WORLD CUP COMMITTEE regatta schedule has been established as follows:


The skippers meeting will be held upon host request.  The Race Committee will do its best to hold at least one race on the day scheduled.

C. Starts

Races shall be started in accordance with RRS Appendix Q (Sound Signal Starting System – 3 Minute “Dinghy Start”). The details of the starting sequence shall be explained at the skippers meeting. (SLSA WORLD CUP COMMITTEE recommends the starting sequence be identified at each skippers meeting.)

 D. Courses

A minimum of two courses shall be required.

Recommended courses (will be adapted to Class requirements/characteristics):

  • Triangular – four (4) legs. It is recommended that the course not be “modified” by placing the start/finish line in the middle of the windward leg.
  • Triangle-Windward-Leeward, Windward/Leeward, or Triangular and may be “modified” with the start/finish line in the middle of the windward leg.
  • The length of the courses will depend on the conditions and the feasibility of completing two to five races for the class. However, getting off good, fair races is more important than the number of races.

E. Alternate Penalty

RRS rules 44.1 and 44.2 shall be in effect for all races.

 F. Sail Numbers

All participants will mandatory ID their boats and will display proper ID numbers when available. In the case of duplicate IDs, the first to register may use the number. Boats not adhering to these requirements may be scored DNC.

G. Coaching

Coaching by sailing instructors will be permitted and encouraged prior to the preparatory signal for each race. Absolutely no coaching is permitted during a race by either sailing instructors or friends, with the following exception. During WORLD-CLASS Events, instructors, after receiving permission from the Race Committee, may coach competitors who are significantly behind. Infractions of this rule will result in disqualification of the illegally coached participant.

H. Designated Finishes

The race committee shall have the right to assign finishing positions, as it deems necessary, in order to facilitate the start of the next race.

8. Safety

A. Life Jackets

It is recommended Life jackets (PFDs) are worn at all times by all participants.

B. Postponements/Abandonments

Races postponed or abandoned due to extreme or threatening weather conditions are at the sole discretion of the Race Committee. They should, however, be very conservative in making this decision and carefully consider the sailor’s abilities. WORLD-CLASS Events, once scheduled, shall not be rescheduled.

9. Protests

The intention to protest must be signified by a loud hail of the word “Protest” to the offending boat. Displaying a protest flag is not required but the Race Committee must be notified at the finish line of the intent to file a protest. The host Representative for the event shall coordinate the formation of the Protest Committee.

10. Scoring

A. General

It is recommended that Low Point Scoring System, RRS Rule A4, will be utilized for all WORLD-CLASS Events.

B. Interclub (or team) Series – Season Scoring

The SLSA WORLD CUP will recognize both individual and club (team) accomplishments for the season based on the following prescriptions:

1. Individual Scoring

For the purpose of determining the final season standings in each class, the following system will be used:

Points gained at WORLD-CLASS Events are as follow:

A minimum of eight events will be available to competitors for each class (max. 12). Their classification will be based on their total score on the 8 events (no discard with 8 events, 1 discard with 9 or 10 events, 2 discards with 11 or 12 events).

DNC scores shall not be counted in season scoring and a sailor must compete in four events to qualify for season scoring.

Any ties will be broken in favor of the individual with the most first place placements, then most seconds, etc. The full description and method of breaking ties shall follow RRS A8 Series Ties.

2. Club (or Team) Scoring – Class Championship

Not Applicable

3. Club (or Team) Scoring – SLSA Interclub (or team) Championship

For the purposes of determining the overall Interclub (or Team) Champion for the season, the following system will be used:

Each (team) club’s four (4) best class placements as determined in accordance with Article 10 (B) 2 above will be added to determine the final overall club (team) score. A club must qualify in a minimum of three Class Championships. Any ties will be broken in favor of the club team) with the most first place class placements, and so on. If a tie still remains it shall stand. If no club (team) meets these qualifications, then the championship shall not be awarded.

11. Trophies

A. Individual Class Championship – Season

Trophy  will be awarded to the top five individual finishers in each class. Trophies are provided by the SLSA WORLD CUP COMMITTEE.

B. Interclub (team) Championship  – Season

The SLSA WORLD CUP Perpetual Trophy <name to be determined> Award will be awarded to the club winning the overall SLSA WORLD CUP Interclub (team) Championship.

The club (or team) receiving the Award will receive a plaque and its name will be placed on a perpetual wall plaque that will be prominently displayed at <location to be determined>.



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