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Designing Mesh Sails by Qyv Inshan

posted Jan 17, 2012 4:46 PM by Tasha Kostolany   [ updated Jan 18, 2012 8:29 AM ]

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Qyv Inshan
generously talked about how she solved Mesh Sails with Becca Moulliez and myself at her marina in in the Fruit Island estates

Qyv Inshan and Becca Moulliez

Two test sails by Qyv Inshan. its hard to see but she has colored the faces.
They stand like a bound book with colored pages representing different
sail shapes

[16:12] Tasha Kostolany: Q, the black and red one — is that a sculptie?

[16:12] Qyv Inshan: no. both mesh

[16:13] Tasha Kostolany: so can you explain the white one again — this is one mesh object showing all states of the sail, for both port and starboard tack along with luffing?

[16:13] Qyv Inshan: yes [there are 8 different sail shapes — 3 for each side and 2 luffing]
[16:13] Becca Moulliez: yes like a flower with petals Tasha

[16:13] Qyv Inshan: in a physical prim, you can not resize it
[16:14] Qyv Inshan: so if you want the sail to fill as you sheet out this is what I came up with

[16:14] Tasha Kostolany: and with scripting you make only the one “face” you want to show, and the other transparent?
[16:14] Qyv Inshan: correct Tasha

[16:14] Qyv Inshan: resizing would be far better but as that is not allowed this is next best thing

[16:14] Becca Moulliez: this is much more than using sculpted sails
[16:15] Qyv Inshan: mmhmm

[16:15] Tasha Kostolany: so the red and black one is, just a starboard and port sail?
[16:15] Qyv Inshan: correct
[16:15] Qyv Inshan: was a test for PE actually
[16:16] Qyv Inshan: to see how bad the full set was compared to a basic set

[16:16] Tasha Kostolany: can you name the faces of the sail you want to show — how do you do that with a script?
[16:16] Becca Moulliez: is it working correctly?

[16:16] Qyv Inshan: yes, it works great
[16:17] Qyv Inshan: in the script you use set alpha and the faces are numbered
[16:17] Becca Moulliez: and weights?

    Mesh Physic Weights

 Multi color sail

    14.5 download
    2.4 physical
    0.5 server

 Red Black 2 sail

    3.6 download
    2.4 physics
    0.5 server


The beige color object is a tortured tube shape simple 1 prim

[16:23] Qyv Inshan: btw, a tortured prim has a horrendous high phys and PE weight
[16:24] Tasha Kostolany: does it? more than a complex mesh?
[16:24] Qyv Inshan: by FAR
[16:24] Qyv Inshan: this piece here
[16:24] Qyv Inshan: is a tortured prim

[16:25] Qyv Inshan: phys weight is 101

Tube Shape
    2.7   download
   101.2 physical
     0.5   server

[16:25] Qyv Inshan: only because it is tortured

Bellow is Qyv’s mesh version of her boat


Q-44 v1.4  (Current Mesh)

[16:32] Qyv Inshan: another big benefit to mesh is the phys model for hull especially
[16:32] Qyv Inshan: you can make it NOT hit things beside the bow and stop you
[16:32] Becca Moulliez: oh ok
[16:32] Qyv Inshan: you will glance off and slide downthe side of your hull hehe
[16:32] Tasha Kostolany: oh nice
[16:33] Qyv Inshan: no more getting hooked by a bouy 🙂
[16:33] Tasha Kostolany: you keep the physical model extreamly simple?
[16:33] Qyv Inshan: yes, very
[16:33] Qyv Inshan: uually I do an 8 sided cylinder for a hull
[16:34] Qyv Inshan: the vision hull phys model is far more complex though
[16:34] Qyv Inshan: cuz you can walk inside it

[16:34] Becca Moulliez: sure

Q-44 v1.4  (Current Mesh)

The next day Qyv responded

[08:15] Qyv Inshan: hey, just read thru the post, good  🙂
[08:16] Qyv Inshan: should have put in the comparison for the mesh and sculptie versions of the 44 though
[08:18] Qyv Inshan: mesh version is PE 153, Phys 29, and server 23 where as the sculptie version is 91 PE but has a 175 phys weight and 32 server weight. these numbers are both as mesh objects  🙂
[08:24] Tasha Kostolany: right I can put that in but its the sculptie although showing a PE of 91 is not not using mesh physics  so the land Impact is 32 (or however many prims you used)
[08:25] Qyv Inshan: correct but my real point is the physics weight, that is what matters in a vehicles as far as sim lines are concerned
[08:27] Tasha Kostolany: so for the record (and I’ll just put what we’re talking about in the article) its your thinking that sim line problem is almost entirely physics weight and you think by getting that as low as possible that is the largest chunk of the problem ?
[08:27] Qyv Inshan: yes  🙂

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